His Image Formed in Us

As we fixed our hearts, our attention and devotion on Jesus we begin to see ourselves differently. We are giants in His presence. We have every resource of heaven dwelling inside of us.

What we need is a correct perspective, and that perspective does come from looking at the problem, not even looking for the solution. It comes from our identities being formed so strong in God that nothing can shake us, we become immovable. The Bible tells us that “we live by faith not by sight”. Are you looking at the obstacles in front of you today and wondering how you are ever going to get over them? Does the grip of depression have its ugly claws burrowed into your heart? How do we break free?

We allow the image of God to take up residence inside us. We cultivate the seed that God has placed in our heart and in His presence we grow into strong soldiers, warriors and our problems begin to seem minute in the light of this powerful God that dwells within us.

If God is for us, who can stand against us?

No darkness, no power of hell that comes to destroy. In him we are giants. Fix your eyes today and know who you are in Him.

James GreenComment