Wildfires is a monthly extended worship event.

Every month we gather to worship for an extended and unbroken period. Worship is at the heart of our community and is the reason why we do what we do. It’s ultimately all about, all for and all because of Jesus - to make him known and give him the affection and esteem that He is worth. When we understand who Jesus is and how He has made a clear path for us to know, experience and live guilt free in friendship with God our natural response is to feel joy. Joy has to be expressed. It can’t stay inside, it has to come out!

Our joy is expressed through our art and our song, through our lives in our love for others, in welcoming strangers, in loving and serving the poor and in times that we gather together to encourage, inspire and cheer each other on in our faith.

Our vision for Wildfires is based on a vision that Rebecca had whilst we stood at the highest point of our town. A few of us from West Wilts Vineyard Church gathered there to pray for the town that God had called us to establish a church in and to see what we would hear God say about His plans for our town.

In that time Rebecca had vision of fires going up into the sky all across the land in front of us. This was because of the worship that was happening in those places. There was one main fire right in the centre of town and from that one fire many sprung up. We believe that Wildfires is the beginning of those fires spreading.

The Leaders

james and bex of dust and stars.jpg

James & Rebecca Green - Founders Of Dust & Stars

We established Wildfires in 2018 along with a team at West Wilts Vineyard Church with a desire to see the people in the area in which we live and the surrounding areas collectively encounter God in deeper and more intentional way. This was fuelled both by Rebecca’s earlier vision over the town and their training together under the Burn 24/7 Movement.

We believe that when we dedicate our lives to a lifestyle of worship meaning that our first and most important thing in life is to simply love God and allow His love to live and grow in us we experience the best kind of life. It’s the kind of life where we are aware of God being present with us - we experience Him, feel him close, our hearts are transformed by Him, we hear His voice and the direction He gives us and experience what it means to truly know Him and see Him work through us.

It is our desire that Wildfires would continue to grow into a movement of passion followers of Jesus who would radically live their lives to follow the way of Jesus. We long to see more people come to know God, more believers use their gifts, skills and resources to reach others with the news about Jesus and God’s kindness. We want to see many Wildfire groups raise up in and around our area to help cultivate a lifestyle of worship and prayer.

From the Bible: Acts 13:49 “And this Message of salvation spread like wildfire all through the region.” We pray that this might be the case here and now.

Upcoming Wildfires


BA14 8RZ

7pm - 9.30pm

January 6th

February 3rd

March 3rd

April 7th

May 5th

June 2nd

July 7th