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The Magnetic North

The Journey Behind The Scenes

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The process of making the Magnetic North has been exciting, liberating and challenging. It has to date be the biggest project I have undertaken and through the process I have grow as an artist and an individual. I have a new appreciation of "team" and collaboration. I've been stretched at times to the point of wondering if I can manage but through the process I have come to see God's goodness and faithfulness through this creative endeavour. We have had more than our fair share of challenges with TMN so far but no set back is too much and we pressed on and have to date created something that is greater than I ever foresaw.

Making a movie well is not an easy process, I have come to find that there so much thought, time and energy that goes into the whole process. From days and hours spent in pre-production, scouting, writing, referencing, re-writing, securing locations, shot listing, light planning, resourcing props, researching, arranging rentals, etc etc to shooting, organising teams, building connections and post production. The list goes on. This is why filmmaking is a collaborative effort it's just not possible to do it alone, and this is why from the beginning TMN had to be a collaborative effort. I am so thankful that I have an amazing team of not only talented individuals but good people, generous, selfless and creative. My team are full of energy for this project and so far have gone above and beyond to help bring The Magnetic North to life.

I've been blown away by the generosity of the contributors and investors. Even people that I have never met prior to this project have given of their time and resource, for that I am eternally grateful and humbled.

Some major thank you so far must go out to SEEDBED for their generosity without which this project would just be an unfulfilled dream. Joshua Luke Smith for his tireless energy and enthusiasm, and for amazing poetic writing that helps this film sing! (no pun intended). To Joanne Huntley for assisting in props! To Adam Wozniak who has been my right hand man through this project, helping me shape and craft the story into what it is. To Tom Whiley for his assistance on location. To Rebecca Green for the incredible support, strength and direction to help produce this project. To James, Maisie and Robbie for their incredible acting and willingness to make yourselves vulnerable in front of the camera and for their faith in me and the Of Dust & Stars team to bring this to life. THANK YOU!!!

We are currently half way through production with two more shoot days scheduled. Here's what we've been up to...

The Magnetic North #2