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The Magnetic North

Our Latest Project


The Magnetic North is a short film poetically articulating the message of Jesus through a modern day lens. 


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What Inspired The Magnetic North

We are passionate about building bridges that help others learn of and encounter God in a way that leads to a real and life-changing relationship with Him. The world needs a new way of understanding the Gospel Message  - The Magnetic North is this and speaks into our generation the gospel message through a new lens - meeting this generation where they are through a cinematic fusion of film and poem.

For those with little or no knowledge or experience of Christianity it can sometimes be a struggle to grasp an understanding of the Gospel message. TMN avoids traditional language and complex analogies, shedding light simply and beautifully whilst depicting visually what it can look like to encounter God. TMN uses contemporary language and visuals that will help viewers personally connect with the message of Jesus.

James Green
Director / Co-Writer


In the Post Production stages we will be collaborating further with a selected group of ministers, youth workers and teachers to create discussion material to accompany the Film. The idea behind this is to help inspire personal reflection and facilitate group discussion.

The Magnetic North could be used in small gatherings in homes, churches or coffee shops, in school RE lessons, conferences, festivals, outreach projects. The videos could also be used to share with friends online to open thought and dialogue around the Christian faith. The Magnetic North truly will be a versatile resource.




 James Matthew Green -  Of Dust & Stars   Director & Co-Writer

James Matthew Green - Of Dust & Stars
Director & Co-Writer

 Robbie Popejoy  Actor

Robbie Popejoy

 Rebecca Katy Green -  Of Dust & Stars   Co-Editor

Rebecca Katy Green - Of Dust & Stars

 Maisie Beth  Actor

Maisie Beth


Thanks To

Adam Wozniak
2nd AC / Assistant Producer

Thomas Whiley
2nd AC

Greg James
Drone Pilot

Jack Cornish
Motorcyclist / Stunt Double

Joanne Huntley
Prop Hire

ONM + Of Dust & Stars

 Joshua Luke Smith of  Orphan No More   Co-Writer & Poet

Joshua Luke Smith of Orphan No More
Co-Writer & Poet

 Dominic Doring Assistant DP

Dominic Doring
Assistant DP

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We are looking for individuals, ministries and businesses that believe in this project to back us financially to help bring this to completion. If you believe in this project and would like to make a donation and invest towards it’s completion please get in touch today by completing the form below.