We Are Of Dust & Stars

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We are of dust and stars.

All of us.

We are formed of the earth but breathed into by the divine. We are as common as mud and yet as other worldly as the very breath of God.

We are supernatural beings living natural lives.

As filmmakers, musicians and communicators. We seek to create bridges between the “sacred” and the “secular”, creating modern day parables that help us understand and journey into the mysteries of ourselves and God.

It is our hope that the art we create would act as a signpost pointing towards something greater than ourselves. Towards Jesus. It is our hearts desire that the art we create would connect with your heart and help you to begin your journey of questioning “is there more to life than this?”

We collaborate with other like-minded musicians, actors and communicators to help fulfil our purpose. It is our aim to impact your heart and mind as you listen to and watch these songs and stories of hope, redemption and wonder.

We will continue to speak a message of hope into our generation. The same message that was announce by Jesus thousands of years ago…

“No longer is there anything that separates you from God. There is an open door for all and a place at the table for you, therefore come, feast, and know God.”

James Matthew Green
Director / Co-Founder