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We are of Dust & Stars

We are Of Dust and Stars. We are prophets, filmmakers, musicians and communicators. We seek to create film, music and art that builds bridges between the perceived sacred / secular divide, creating modern day parables that that help create moments for people to encounter the presence of God. We collaborate with other like-minded artists, actors and communicators to help fulfil this purpose. It is our aim to impact the hearts and minds of those that listen to and watch these stories of hope, redemption and wonder. We speak a message of hope into our generation, and seek to impact our culture through the art that we create.

James Matthew Green
Director / Co-Founder


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Directed by James Matthew Green
Artist : Joshua Luke Smith feat. Oddisee


This video contains threat and images that are unsuitable for children


Undone is about the revolution within. Because to deal with the heart of a matter you must deal with the matters of the heart.

“Undone is a visual onslaught, conceptually depicting the turmoil of our inner worlds. The threats, the fears, guilt and shame that attack us in our “inner world” (our thoughts, emotions and desires).

Where do we place or guilt? Where can we put our shame? Is it right to simply stuff it down deep within us hoping it will somehow melt away? How can we be free from the chaos of our hearts?


We need death to come before we can enter life. Jesus told a story about this to help us understand… “Let me make this clear: A single grain of wheat will never be more than a single grain of wheat unless it drops into the ground and dies. Because then it sprouts and produces a great harvest of wheat—all because one grain died.

As it is in this story so it is with our lives. We must die to our way of trying to make “everything right” trying to make ourselves ok. We are all broken and in need of a healing.

So where does this healing come from?

“Down where the river runs red, I found a new life in my death”

Jesus taught about a new life. A new way. The early followers of Jesus called it “The Way”. Jesus asked people to come and follow him, to learn to do what he did and to be like he was. He wanted to show people how to live the kind of life they were made to live. Not broken inside but whole. Not feeling lost but feeling found - feeling at home, full of purpose and with a sense of destiny.

To be healed.

To be washed of all the darkness we carry and all the shame to be washed from us like bloodied hands washed in a river.

“Down where the river runs red, I found a new life in my death”